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When I started writting this blog, I had allot of things to say, actually most of the time am the kind of dude who has allot of things to say… halfway, I forgot everything I wanted to blog about.

T hats how long it has been since I last blogged, I used to love blogging and now I miss it,  I am forced to go back and read my own blog posts, am entertained by the adventures I have had in my life.

Its 17 months since my Co-founder @toneendungu and I started a consulting company (Nailab Ltd) we have blogged less and been stressed more, consulting is a tough job, forced to read a lot, listen and figure out complex problems and travel a lot,  being away from family and your comfort zone, this is my 3 or is it 5th company the first  having flopped/closed down because I went on honeymoon . .. don’t laugh..

It seems that the more we give free consulting work the more opportunities we get to network and meet very interesting people who are likely to offer better partnership deals, the most rewarding role is building the Nailab Incubation (a partnership between the Nailab Ltd & 1% club), I almost forgot, its also 2 years plus since we started the show tech Tuesday on 93.3 Hope FM, I was thinking about it the other day, waking up at 5:30 to make it to the Studio at 7 was my biggest challenge, <- we talk about that another time but this is one of the best free consulting job I have.

18 months 41 formal pitches and over 150 “informal pitches” (i.e elevator pitches)…. I can assure you, startup business is fun but not for the weak… so I promised you on air that I will start blogging again… when I stop, please remind me.

Glad to be back on Radio – so tune in on Tuesdays at 7:30 for Tech Tuesday.




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I am an Internet Junkie, I spend most of the day with my laptop working, reading, chatting, exploring and blogging, am passionate about smart ideas and turning them into viable business.

20. May 2012 by @Samgichuru
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  1. Hi Sam,
    Can I just say I absolutely love Tech Tuesdays! and thanks to you I am a bit more informed about what’s going on in the tech world. Your banter with Pr.Jemo (besides talking serious matters of course)is good fun please get him the time machine:).
    You are right about giving free work/products(Eben Pagan also discusses it) what you get back is so much more!
    I wish you the best and continuity with the blog,Nailab and tech Tuesdays
    God bless sana!

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