Some Softwares that I must have

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17 Jul 2012

The following is a list of softwares that are a must have for my laptop, phone or tablet.

  1. DropBox – Gone are the days when I had to back up my documents just incase I lost my laptop, dropbox has solved that problem, all my files are stored in the cloud, and when I change computers all I have to do is download dropbox, sign in and all my files are restored within their original folders.
  2. Cloudy Calculator – This is a very nifty calculator, I never knew it existed until I met the very famous PG – Cloudy calculator is a chrome addition, it sticks at the top of your browser and used inside your browser. Google it up.
  3. Tweetdeck – There are allot of tweet clients out there, but I prefer to use tweetdeck, the ability to manage different services on it including facebook, linkedin and twitter makes it a win.
  4. Cutepdf - I am sure we have new softwares for this, but I still use cutepdf to convert documents to PDF
  5. Pidgin/IMO – My favorite chat softwares, they allow me to handle all my chats under one client, this means I dont have to deal with 10 chat windows I also dont have to be on facebook or gmail all the time to chat. IMO works on Android but I use Pidgin on my desktop.
    NB:  please stay away from “IMO on desktop” its a horrible spam software.




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