Shaker – Most Addictive Virtual Chat App for Facebook

I am hoping to be the first blogger in Kenya to write about Shaker,  Yesterdays winner of Tech Crunch Disrupt definitely deserved it, now imagine turning your facebook, google+ or twitter into a complete virtual hang out, dont get lost on the word “virtual” just finish this article, and you will be blown away.

When you get a Shaker app account, you can join a room, you can see who else is in that room – now forget the yahoo IM room – noo.. a room where you have your own avator so you can actually walk to the bar and order for a drink or go seat next to that cute girl and strike a conversation.

The guys in blue are your friend, the guys in yellow are your friends friends and the guys in grey are people you might have something in common.

The founders deny completely its not a dating site, but from where I am sited, we might need Jimmy Gathu if Kenyans adapt this app the way they adapt everything else.

The only other visible downside is that allot of information is given to strangers, too much private information is shared in the room, this might be a serious violation to privacy to a great extent, stalking etc.

So they have a couple of free accounts rush get one and I will do a follow up blog on the topic, you can follow me on twitter @samgichuru

Go to facebook and search for Shaker

  1. Click go to app
  2. Allow it access to your information
  3. and join a room




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15. September 2011 by @Samgichuru
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  1. Thanks Sam for this, am going to try it. By the way good job on Tech Tuesdays! God bless you sana.

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