Day 2: Break out session with RDO, Rwanda, Kigali

Sam Gichuru demonstrating use of microblogs to RDO

We held multiple breakout sessions with each organization for the next 3 days in Kigali, each morning routine involved being picked from the Gorillas Hotel and coming back to drop our bags late in the afternoon very exhausted, we covered around 6 organizations and still had a list pending that would have to wait for 2012.

The gorillas was a pretty good place to stay and was central to accessing Kigali, it’s actually a walking distance and we discovered this after paying huge amounts of money for cab drives.

For each break out session, we first did a brief analysis of each organization, measuring how well they adapt to new technologies, what technologies they used in running their day to day programs, and reviewing their current and future plan strategy on ICT.

Most organizations in Rwanda where quite ICT “savvy”, they had wifi connections, the staff had laptops and smart phones and most did use facebook but for personal use only very few acknowledge using twitter.

What seemed a-bit foreign was the use of this tools to facilitate communication within the organization and with partners, facebook was for personal use and after brainstorming and discussion we demonstrated how facebook can also work for the organization in keeping partners updated about project progress, and as a marketing tool to attract more donor funding or strategic partners, this included twitter and using phone videos, we demonstrated on micro blogging and digital story telling.




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06. February 2012 by @Samgichuru
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