reaching out to Philomena..

In my early 20′s I was extra “spiritual” and had some extra spiritual friends who are still very good friends today, this particular lady from Western Kenya was serious and very deep kind, one day she had a dream that I would marry a girl called ….. Philomena… that sort of evokes a certain image depending on where you grew up. Now… truth be told, At the early age of 23/24 you want to date and marry a really hot girl with a jisty name like Angelina Jolie … and lets be honest .. Philo.. just does not cut it…. so I definitely was not for that plan and I was not amused by her revelations and dreams at all…
Today while driving to work I thought about Philomena…

Philomena….. if you are out there and still single… it’s not because your prayers were not heard… it’s because of my rebellion …. and the damn name…




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12. July 2012 by @Samgichuru
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