Personal branding has a variety of names like self branding/ self positioning. It was coined in 1980 by Alkies and Jack Trout in their book titled “Positioning: The battle for your mind”. This is a must read book.

Personal branding is the success that comes from self packaging then marketing yourself to the world. This can be related to Oprah, Obama, Donald Trump however these are successful people but there is (you) just Google your name and you will find your personal brand. Market your personality well and with confidence and you will make it, everyone is capable.

There are two main motives that govern self presentation, one is Instrumental this is when one tries to influence others and gain the rewards. It is divided into 3: ingratiation, this is when you make people like you in order to obtain compliance, intimidation is when authority is over used to generate, fear or obedience and supplication is when someone manipulate others to get their sympathy. Expressive is the 2nd motive of Self presentation, it is when a person creates a persona in themselves and tries to live up to it creating a personal identity.

What are some of the points to consider when making a personal brand?

  • Try and get insight from others.
  • First impression is everything.
  • Your brand should retain the same topic for example if it is on ‘technology’.
  • Having a personal brand is a full time job hence, have good morals and standards.
  • Have clarity on the brand so that people know what you are about.
  • Have your life story published for people to know you.
  • Ignorance is not accepted. Find out what you need for personal branding.
  • Preparation is needed requiring time.
  • Continuing the brand therefore generating more response from clients.
  • Find what you love with time then market it to get results.
  • Be ambitious and think of the future.
  • Ask empowering questions that inspire you to do great.

With all this then you are capable of making yourself the kind of personal brand that will make people look up to you. Just read this quote and see why a personal brand is advisable;

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.”
Jason Hartman

Do you have a good personal brand?

^ Ries, Al; Trout, Jack (1981). Positioning: The Battle for your Mind. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 9780071359160.



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  2. There are some concrete, simple steps anyone can take to start working on their personal brand. First, don’t be overwhelmed; personal branding doesn’t mean making yourself like Oprah, Obama, or Trump (those are some extreme examples). After you calm down, you should take a look at your online presence. Google your name, check out the results, and pretend you’re an outsider, looking up You. Like what you see? If not, correcting your current online content is a good place to start. Another good place to start is with a solid, complete LinkedIn profile. There’s a lot you can do online LinkedIn to build your brand. This is a simple, free guide to setting up a professional LinkedIn profile:

  3. Great article!!!!

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