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The World Bank and the Kenya ICT Board are just about to make being a student very exciting, rumour has it that a lauched planned for the 3rd of December at the KICC is an initiative to provide a financial incentive towards making sure University students get to purchase a laptop easily! I definitely want to go back to school, considering the other newly launched venture helps students make money by sharing knowledge and now a subsidized laptop!

The project is targeting both private and public university and if your Uni is among the approved then you should check your wallet make sure you have a bit of cash and then grab the subsidy and get yourself a nice nifty .. Affordable laptop!

Things to remember about this, your voucher is worth Kshs 9600, so you have to top up the balance for the laptop of your choice.

Pick a reliable retailer who can provide after sales service, you always need it with equipment

Do not register more than once the well designed portal only allows a single registration that will have to be approved by your University Administrator for you to get a Voucher

Keep your voucher a secret, otherwise someone else might run with it.

The other best part about this projects website is fully developed in Kenya by some techies who gave me a sneak preview to it… ;) I am very impressed by the work Kenyan programmers can do Can there be any better time to be a Kenyan? Kudos to Paul Kokubo and Team!

Nothing is as exciting as getting a job that you love doing, if you love blogging, we are hiring, think about working your own hours, interviewing the who is who in the industry (we open the doors for you), being at the center of what’s happening – and best part is this is open for students and those who love a side hustle.

We are looking for passionate writers, who love ICT and are looking to make a mark for themselves in the country.

To apply , you have to send 2 articles on any topic on ICT or SME’s between 200 – 300 words, we like funny but yet factual and onpoint articles, do not write tech jargon, simplify, – to just give you a heads up, look at, or (good humor)

If you think you cant write and you want to give it a shot, we are also taking smart Interns, we shall provide basic training and open the doors you need to start interviews and writing/blogging.

To apply, or get more information, use the contact us button on this blog.

I like it on the sink
I always love it when a new meme hits the internet and especially Kenya, Kenyans have the tenacity of a bull dog on a mail man, they take something and do what the worlds knows them best for… run, so Makemende is no longer that big, come-on each race has a finishing line. The new phenomenal is women posting where they like it…

So maybe you have come across a face book post, with I like it on my lap, I like it on the couch, I like it on the floor, I like it on the sink, I like it anywhere and if you belong to my category of species, you had allot of mixed reactions, singles get excited, husbands are confused (it never happens), Fathers are in full panic mode, pastors are praying for their women congregation. So what is it all about, this is a top secret agenda for women during this month of October to sensitize people on issues of breast cancer.

So yes, now that it’s not a secret anymore, the month of October is the breast cancer awareness month and women are posting where they like to leave their purses when they get home, but conveniently leaving the word purse out, I have to give them an A for Effort, Kudos to women around the world and this provocatively effective campaign.. What do the critics have to say? they question if the use of sexual undertones downplays the entire issue of breast cancer and what is the relationship between a purse and this debilitation killer disease?, is this the way to get Mens attention to it <- cant argue with that.. it works.

Whatever your thoughts are on this subject, now that you know, encourage and support the women in your life to get regular checkups.

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Spread the Love man.. not red numbers

Most Kenyans did not sleep because friends kept calling them warning them not to pick their phones if they receive a call from a “RED”  number- it would kill them instantly,  others even followed the sms that they witness it happen.  What you dint know is that Tanzania beat us to this hoax in 2007, and South Africa in 2004.

W: Number za Shetani (tanzani 2007)

Hi Colleagues,

I don’t know how true this is but just take precaution. Please don’t attend to any calls from the following numbers:

* 7888308001 *
* 9316048121 *
* 9876266211 *
* 9888854137 *
* 9876715587 *

These numbers come in red colors. U may get brain hemorrhage due to high frequency. 27 persons died just receiving the calls watch the DD news to confirm. Please inform all your relatives and friends soon it’s urgent.

So it’s a good time for you to learn about internet Urban Legends (google that), you have read them, baby kidnapped in a supermarket and shaved instantly , forward this to 5 people and get good luck, etc  everytime you get one of those emails, just pick the title and google it, you would be shocked how  many stories/legends are out there to scare you and hopefully next time don’t be like my boy kinuthia who calls everyone and even confesses to have been at the scene of the crime.

Can a phone Kill you,… I guess that depends on how hard someone hits you with it, or you try swallowing it, (I attended the launch of the new sony ericsson Xperia today, very small phone, since I dint win one, no way am going to blog about it.. yet .. sony can u hear me?), I digress….  someone might win a Darwin Awards soon by trying to charge their phone with Moto (fire) but let them be free to surprise us, I hope that is not a Blog reader, that will be sad, in the meantime I hope you sleep very peaceful tonight.

Do you have many great ideas but cant implement, I do, lack of a proper plan and issues like mis-communications , lethargy, budgets , people around me, etc can stop me from achieving my objective, but  I am in luck, Marten Schoonman a projects management guru will be moderating a 2 day exclusive Project Management Training Session at the Nailab.

The price is Kshs 9000 but you can get a 15% discount , by entering your information here – inquire here, Take advantage of this offer and come learn and network.

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nominate someone to the board… Go on..

A few of my friends have submited my name for nominations to this Innovation board, well I think I might need like a thousand nominations to qualify, so If you think I am suitable to sit on Safricoms Innovation Board, the process is simple, they only need , the name , email address, phone number and reason you think that person needs to be on that board. Read the rest of this entry »

promise to post better photos in a short while, want to donate a good camera to me? :)

Today I am privilaged to be sitted with a big group of volunteers (Crowd Sourcing) who are working with the uchaguzi platform to monitor electrol offences live, as the electrol process goes on around the country – Kenya.

What is Uchaguzi, (Swahili word for “choose”) this is a modified platform of the the ushahidi software, mmmmh… complicated? Ok, Ushahidi (Swahili word for ” testimony”) is a software developed after the 2008 post election violence that rocked Kenya by a team lead by Eric Hersman. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter can do allot for you as a person or your company,  you can be able to review your product and see who is talking about you or the product by using a simple search , or you can network with people of similar interests by engaging, entertaining and educating them about your interest, this can have tremendous results on your brand as a person and business and  best of all if you are like me, meet new friends – a shout out goes to my twitter friends Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter is a microblogin site that enables people to keep others posted on what is happening, Time Magazine says that, Twitter will permanently change American Business within the next 2 to three years”, I add that it will change Africa’s business in the same time.

Twitter allows you to enter 140 characters of take with which you can share information, chat publicly and privately.

I have monitored twitter for a local bank for the last 3 months and I have realized that allot of opinions are formed and distributed within the social media and some of this include issues like DNA and bankika among others, so its more than tweeting, its about monitoring your brand as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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Japans bid to the worldcup is making sure you can watch it on your stadium at home,

Rather than just promising a fantastic tournament in Japan, they are also offering to show each match as holographic broadcasts in all 208 FIFA member nations.

What this means is, instead of turning on your TV to watch a match, you could instead travel to your local stadium in your home country and watch it played out as a holograph. Not only that, but something called viewpoint vision would be available allowing you to fly around the pitch and watch from any angle.

Shock as Ochieng Kakono Stole our clothes..

Very few times do I come across a story I can identify with, and this is one of them, I have resisted the urge to edit or add my version of events since I have had a similar experience… but thanks to  Marto @ for the good laugh.

Title: Dufo Mpararo

Growing up, we didn’t have swimming pools. But, we were swimmers nevertheless. Seasonal ones. We only went swimming during the rainy seasons when heavy downfalls filled various holes with water. Problem is, Read the rest of this entry »

Personal branding has a variety of names like self branding/ self positioning. It was coined in 1980 by Alkies and Jack Trout in their book titled “Positioning: The battle for your mind”. This is a must read book.

Personal branding is the success that comes from self packaging then marketing yourself to the world. This can be related to Oprah, Obama, Donald Trump however these are successful people but there is (you) just Google your name and you will find your personal brand. Market your personality well and with confidence and you will make it, everyone is capable.

There are two main motives that govern self presentation, one is Instrumental this is when one tries to influence others and gain the rewards. It is divided into 3: ingratiation, this is when you make people like you in order to obtain compliance, intimidation is when authority is over used to generate, fear or obedience and supplication is when Read the rest of this entry »

Many business are like a sea of apples all floating together so you cannot tell one from the other because there is no brand to distinguish them.

What is a brand? It is an identity of a specific product, service, or business usually brought out by a name, symbol, sign, color combination or slogan.

In our late world there was no such thing as brands but there were symbols that were mainly used by the kings or Nobel men or even the popes. Branding started in the 17th century in Europe, these were mainly the logos of the companies and it was done locally. Read the rest of this entry »

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Every now and then you come across something really funny on youtube and it should be a crime not to share… so here is the world cup and due to the now very popular roger milla celebration dance by coca cola, I wanted to know a thing or two about goal celebrations… and I found this very …informative

Watch the last four guys and give an answer to the question “Roger Miller have we gone too far?”… my answer is…ohh yess we have….lol


Sim Card and Phone

Today the government announced an initiative to register all sim cards in an effort to curb cyber crime, this is nothing new.  Kenya is the second country in the east Africa after Tanzania, and others within the African region are, South Africa, Cameron, Ghana and Nigeria.

So is this going to be effective? Yes to some extent this will be effective in controlling those issues that are more of a nuisance than the actual crime’s, Read the rest of this entry »


Kufuruta Sikara ni Hatia...

After public smoking was banned in Kenya , each town  clerk was assigned the duty of posting notices in Kiswahili to that effect.

See how different councils posted their notice, other councils are still working  on theirs……..

The Mombasa Town Clerk  wrote:
Uvutaji wa sigara umepigwa marufuku kuanzia leo.Watakaopatikana wakikiuka amri hii wataadhibiwa kwa mujibu wa sheria. Nyote zingatieni.

The Kiambu Town Clerk:
Wanyuanji wa thigara washunge sana . Unyuanji wa thigara bere ya watu hata huko ije umefigwa marufuku na kaju kuanjia reo.

The Machakos Town Clerk:
Wavulutanji tusikala wasunge sana . Sasa kuvuluta tusikala ni  maluvuku na kanzu ya Masaku itawasukulia atua  kuvwa sana .

The Kisumu Town Clerk:
Atenson Plis!!! Mifuto sgara adharani sasa omepigwa marofuku. Okipaatwa, ibiro yiei Kodiaga! Apana furuta Plis!!

Wajir Town Clerk:
Habana iko buruta sigara. Yeye lishapigwa marufuk na sisi tagaamata mutu bahala yaghe kiburuta.

Kericho Town Clerk:
Gutoga leo gugunywa na gufuruta sigara sisi nagshagataasa. Haguna!! Charipu wee taona!!!

Kisii and Nyamira Town Clerk
Akuna kukunywa sigara hapa ndani na inche kuansia reo. Mutakaobatikana mutakura kiboko saa hiyo hiyo. Wote munaombua kujiatari sana .

Kakamega  Town Clerk:
Hakuneko kufuruteko sikara hapa ntani kudoka leo. Ukipatikaneko ukifurutako sikara udafundishekwho atapu kali na utaoneko djamdemaguni!

That is your vote speaking… always vote wisely… then again, we cannot enjoy the comical break  if you do…


"My status update is green"... mmm comments?

Notice how some people make a blog post and they attract 50 comments, others update their Facebook status and they attract 25 comments,yet others  attract 0 comments with similar powerful messages.

The rules of online attraction work the same way with the rules of “street” attraction, and as usual Cinderella and prince charming win over the evil witch and ugly sisters (am sure I got those stories mixed up, moving on swiftly) I have noted that the following rules apply to my few friends and produce tremendous results in keeping in-touch with people on social media.

  1. Positive Vibes
    Always post some inspiring message, social network just like any other social setting is not the place to mop about your problems, post messages that inspire, enrich or make people laugh, avoid vulgar, insults or depressing news… unless you are a media house, and you will eventually capture your audience.
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Strategy and business development Presentation

Strategy and Business Development presentation at Nailab (Nairobi Incubation Laboratory ) Nairobi Kenya, Nailab is a business incubator for what you would call  Heavy ICT entrepreneurs.

I have found myself being very passionate about incubating SME’s despite the challenges they face in the country and Nailab are a step ahead in this venture,they (was still negotiating my role) have formed an  incubation platform that gives assistance to young entrepreneurs to get a chance to concentrate on the core items like building  business structure’s around their innovations without the need of a high initial capital, this is a great team to work with, great ideas -one of their very successful project is the, I encourage you to become a member its Free.

Looking forward to my next speaking engagement, an exciting full day seminar on building online business! want to join us? contact’s here. The date to be confirmed by event organizer.

Meet the Cool.. James Orengo!

Ok!!!! We complain about watchies all the time…. well here is one you cant complain about. His name is James Orengo! yes, you better believe that! he gives this profession a new meaning. He was at Capital Center , then at the Junction and now he is at Bishop Magua’  if you have met him you would remember him.He says hi as you park your car….. helps open the door….. does some small talk,,,,,and salutes you at least twice! And to top it all wishes you blessings!!!

He is one guard KK security should nurture to be their Customer Service and Motivational Trainer! this guy is a gem to the organization he works for, he fully represents! – If you have met him.. comment below and give him the accolades he deserves.


Have you ever wondered how much a website would cost you? you are not alone, this answer is very elusive, its very hard to come up with a budget for your website, and its also twice as difficult for any web developer to give you an answer on the fly,  yet like any other purchase it’s the most important question, so how do we arrive at a cost for a website?

Web design cost vary between US$ 500 – US$ 15,000 (Kshs 40K – 1M), why? because of the different requirements and needs for different website. example, google vs facebook vs yahoo vs Nationmedia vs this blog.. the cost will vary from thousands to millions of dollars!

The following are the items to consider when coming up with a budget for your website.

  1. The domain and Hosting Cost- This is the annual recurring cost for your domain name and hosting account, this can cost anything between US$20 for shared server  to US$300 for a dedicated server this is an annual recurring cost.
  2. Content Development – Content is king, so you need good content, most people develop this for themselves but if you want to hire a professional, consider you might pay US$10 per every article 300 words long.
  3. Photography – The next item that is usually important on the list is visuals, and while some companies already have an existing brand and images, you might have to buy images at US$ 1 per image online or hire a professional photographer for between US$200 – US$500 depending on location and other factors
  4. The Design – this is the cheapest part of most web design work, because many people can design a look and feel, or buy a template, depending on your needs, this can cost between US$20 – US$1000, the high the price is Agencies who are keen on brand development and hence produce high quality work.
  5. The Development – This is where the rubber meets the road and what sets you apart,  while allot of people can design not many can develop for the web, the cost of development is based on the number of functions you will need, and you will have to think of this as buying a good car, want turbo and crome rims? To get a good cost on this list the functions i.e newsletter, registration, photogallery, contact forms, shopping cart etc, the more the function the high the price, get a quote from atleast 3 web design companies and compare, the cost here will vary from between US$500 – US$ 10,000.

I hope using the above tips, you will be able to come up with a good estimate of how much you are likely to spend developing your company website, Development can be expensive and its suggested that you pay for a good framework that you can grow with time, you do not have to start with all the functions that you need especially if you can’t afford them, but make sure that what you have is scalable and can grow with time.

Our Old Website Looked liked this...

I have changed the look of the blog, I could not help liking the new theme which is designed by Design Disease, yes I liked their name as well, and they are infected with very good designs I have to admit.

I will be working to customize it but I would like to know, which one do you prefer, the new design or the Old Design we had before? – tomorrow as usual Tech Tuesday on Activate 93.3 Hope FM , Tune in and get a chance to win a Free Domain Name and Hosting Account.

Just the excitement of messing around with an Ipad

Yes,  it felt like a big Iphone, have to admit it’s a very nifty tool, will explore it further but if you have had any experiences with it, share with us :)

Organic Searches.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making sure that your website can be seen by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, – To remain competitive a search engine has to give near perfect results.

Get a company that uses “SEOP – Search Engine Optimization and positioning” this is because the efforts are tailored for each website and as a result able to meet your targets.

So what do you want to do to make sure that when Google and partners comes looking, it will find you.

  1. Structure – Make sure that your website is well designed, no coding errors, no broken links, we are saying let the structure be sober.
  2. Key words – Key words are relevant and will remain relevant, keywords are the specific words you search when looking for something on a search engine.
  3. Link backs – If you have something important to say, then you will get allot of link backs, if you have a link from CNN… you are considered more important than if you have a link from an unknown website
  4. Description for each page – Each of you page should have a description of what it contains in about one sentence long, this is for the results.
  5. URL – Make each URL easy to read, your urls should be Example:
  6. Finally, Ask your web developer to read the Google SEO guide, this guide is the best to make sure that you don’t get blacklisted by SEO – Download a Copy here

SEO is just one of the main important parts of Internet marketing

  • How to use Facebook for Marketing
  • How to use Twitter for Marketing
  • How to use YouTube for Marketing

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mobile phone humor

This could happen to you.

I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the next toilet saying:

‘Hi, how are you?’

I’m not the type to start a conversation in the restroom but I don’t know what got into me, so I answered, somewhat embarrassed,

‘I am Doing’ just fine!’

And the other person says:

‘So what are you up to?’

What kind of question is that? At that point, I’m thinking this is too bizarre so I say:

Uhhh, I’m like you, nature dictates!’

At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can, but nature hadn’t let go as yet, when I hear another question.

‘Can I come over?’

Gosh Whaaaat!, this question is just too weird for me but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I say …
‘No…… you know I am busy right now, I guess you are busy too!!!’

Then I hear the person say nervously…………

‘Listen, I’ll have to call you back. There’s an idiot in the next toilet who keeps answering all my questions.’

Mobile phones! Don’t you just love them? now go ahead and retweet it, or click share on facebook below.. lol

Offisync is a Free application that allows you to super charge your Microsoft office, well not in the turbo sense but give it more function.

This is useful to you if you use Google docs, if not read you might find that your are missing something important, offisync integrates itself into your Ms office i.e. word, excel , access, etc and adds a bar or what you call a menu, using that menu you can

  1. Open a document stored in your Google docs
  2. Save a document in your Google docs online
  3. Share that document with friends (good for wedding budgets)
  4. Collaborate on editing with others (multiple people can edit the document)
  5. Search images from directly from MS word.

This is a perfect way to store you Documents online, Minutes,  CV, project plan, project document etc, you dont need to keep logging in to Google to make changes, you make them right on your desktop , Hope you like it; they have a free and premium version.

Last week we reviewed the problem and come up with a solution, this step is very relevant because it enable’s you to understand your online objectives, without being technical James knows what his website requires and the web designers know what is expected of them, so you can now go to and see what we call a holding, the next step is to come up with the visual design, we are talking colors, and the aesthetics. The look and feel. Those images will be available here shortly.

What is a Blog
We have different types of websites, ecommerce websites, news websites, search engines, blogs and basically corporate websites, so a blog is a website.
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Plink the Visual Search engine for art has been purchased by Google, after a short stint of 4 months since they went public, Mark and James have now been hired by Google to work on Google goggles they will no longer work on Plink but the application will remain as it is for user to download.

Allot of people are asking “what is Plink?” or “who is Plink”, Plink is a UK based company that is behind the application, this is a mobile visual search engine … eh I know, the first time I heard that I was as flabbergasted as you probably are right now, because I know I can search for images so what did they mean visual search engine.

Plink makes visual search engines that let you find out more about something just by taking a photo of it. PlinkArt, enables you to identify paintings and artworks with just a snap from your phone’s camera. Once recognized, you can read information on the artwork and artist, share your favorite pieces with friends or even order a print to hang on your wall. Reference

Details of the acquisition, including the purchase price, were not released but we do hope that they join the list of young millionaires on the internet.


NB: At the end of this article is a Video that is a Must Watch, probably the most eloquent presentation I have ever seen.

I am starting to realize that excitement can be counterproductive to writing a blog, but at the same time I cannot help it when am bubbling with an idea I just learned and am dying to share, so that is my excuse if your find this article digressing, I believe strongly in the video By Shashi Tharoor Shared by Manu Chandaria on an email this morning (yes… yes.. am name dropping.). This is probably the best way to start my week, in the knowledge that we still have as individual and as a country a chance to make a difference and completely re-brand ourselves.

Ecc 9:11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

This chance presents itself in form of soft power and the internet, where we can tap into our potential and let the world know us as a great tourist destination, great athletes, lead flower exporter and probably come up with new brand identities just like India and China have done.

We usually do what we do because of one of a combination of three reasons,

  1. We are threatened or by force Read the rest of this entry »

So, guess how many titles are on the internet about “how to develop a website” mmh… 90Million, but lets make it even more interesting, “how to design a website” we have 499 Million articles! That is as of today, so let me add the 491 Million articles, now that is called being ambitious…

To begin or ambitious project, we need to know what we are doing and how we are going to do it,

Project Overview
Jamo is a pastor and radio presenter at hope fm, 93.3, almost on a daily basis he sends out inspirational email message to his listeners; his known direct reach is 1800. Currently he is Bcc this people and this comes with a bunch of challenges

  1. The challenges are obvious,
  2. Allot more people want to receive this emails but have no idea how to go about it
  3. People are not able to refer to old messages unless they search through their emails
  4. 1800 people sending feedback would flood his mail box and he cannot respond
  5. People would like to share their challenges and success with each other based on the message
  6. James cant track his emails and who receives them or does not, also there could be a violation by sending people who don’t want to receive the emails Read the rest of this entry »

biz plan

drawn by Michael Baldwin

As promised last week, here is a summary of what should be in your business plan,

  1. Executive summary – Objective, mission, keys to success
  2. Company Summary – Ownership, location, facilities
  3. Service / products – What solutions, technology, Competitive comparison,
  4. Market analysis-Targets markets, Marketing  needs, trends, growth, competition, etc
  5. Web plan Summary – Business model, marketing strategy, development requirements, front end, back end, traffic forecast, etc
  6. Management Summary – The team, org -structures, skills
  7. Financial Plan – What it will Cost, focus, break even analysis, etc

In time I should be able to post 2-3 sample business plan that you can download straight from here, in the meantime subscribe to the newsletter – > on the right… to receive the updates.
What areas of  developing a business plan do you have challenges with? use the comments section below

Last week on radio, we talked about millionaires under 30, and I have to say I am very inspired by this list, I know most of you are slightly over 30 but so will most of this guys in the next 2- 3 years, if that is any consolation,  I am impressed by the fact that this young people have taken what they where given and utilized their full potential and in the process archived great things, I hope to see you the reader on this list very soon

Below is the list for those who missed the show

  1. Mark Zuckerberg – Who is he, he developed your favorite application Facebook kid he is 23 years old and his net worth is estimated to be $700M.
  2. Andrew Gower – Who is this guy? he developed a game called Runescape he is now 28 years old  estimated worth is $650M.
  3. Blake Ross and David Hyatt , this guys are behind our favorite browser Mozilla they are 22 years old  and their current worth is $120M.
  4. Chad Hurley remember this guy, he developed Youtube with a friend he 30 years old  youtube worth is around $200M.
  5. Angelo Sotira , very good work for the art community check out Deviant ART he is  26 years old  and is estimated worth is $75M. Read the rest of this entry »

I am busy coming up with a system requirements specification (SRS)document, anybody with an idea on how to develop this document any easier, its also called the project scope in web development, the only problem with this item is that it requires allot of detail, I will restrain myself from whininig but if anybody out there knows a short cut, share!

I guess the best I can do is to post a draft for download for those who might “have to” ever be required to develop such a document in the near future, if you are a web designer, or software developer, or the technical kind you are the one am talking about… incase I have not posted it by the time you read this, remind me to post it

This blog post is a result of a serious tired brain and a very tiring document.

Now if you are the target group mentioned above, find attached a draft template SRS I got from the internet, use it and dont hesitate to donate toNorm Kerth Benefit Fund <- he is a consultant who is disabled due to a brain injury.

Click to Download Then Save on Desktop.

Thank you for visiting this blog, as you will note, its just started today and hence you will need to be abit more patient before I can provide more information

Thank you

I got to upgrade to Msoffice 2007, and during configuration I set it to Kiswahili, now this is one of those things I should not have done, so you can image what has been happening, my emails have not been spelled checked in a while! I dont even want to imagine the impression I have left on most of my contacts, so yes email can be a nightmare and can end up countering something I call your personal brand .

“Some people hit the send button and they destroy their career and reputation in the process– Even in email we have first impressions…. So make it count.”

Well, this rules for email can be found on the internet, use them to get more organized Read the rest of this entry »

them vs me :)

From Left: Sam Gichuru(Host) , Hon. George Saitoti (Guest Speaker), Erastus Mongare (Delka President), Dr Manu Chandaria (Patron)

The delka dinner was full of surprises, Penny walked unto me and said, “Sam our mc cannot be reached, here is the Mic, you are hosting the event” – I immediately lost my voice and at that point my future did not look too bright.. this was bound to go south, I had never hosted/Mceed anything in my life … She must have thought I nodded yes as acceptance.

Fear got the better of me when I saw the American ambassador to Kenya, Michael Ranneberger walk in, Minister of Internal Security Geoge Saitoti, Nigerain Ambassador to Kenya.. dignitaries after dignitaries… so in my panic I did what any decent human being should do in such situations, I ran to the business center got a computer and Google ” tips on how to be an MC“, – and the first tip was .. “a good MC should always be well prepared in advance…..”.

My relationship with Google has been serious jeopardized since then.

Sam Gichuru

Works at the Nailab and a bunch of other startups, loves new ideas...


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  • Rehema: Hi Sam, Can I just say I absolutely love Tech Tuesdays! and thanks to you I am a bit more informed [...]
  • Arnet wanjiru njuguna: How often do this weekends occure? I would lyk to attend one with my friends. How do u broadcast it [...]
  • Philip Koitelel: This is great Sam! The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Ideas Af [...]
  • Joseph Ngugi: I always listen to you at Hope fm on tech-tuesday and i have learnt alot from you. Your passion,gift [...]