James Orengo, Coolest Watchie Ever!

Meet the Cool.. James Orengo!

Ok!!!! We complain about watchies all the time…. well here is one you cant complain about. His name is James Orengo! yes, you better believe that! he gives this profession a new meaning. He was at Capital Center , then at the Junction and now he is at Bishop Magua’  if you have met him you would remember him.He says hi as you park your car….. helps open the door….. does some small talk,,,,,and salutes you at least twice! And to top it all wishes you blessings!!!

He is one guard KK security should nurture to be their Customer Service and Motivational Trainer! this guy is a gem to the organization he works for, he fully represents! – If you have met him.. comment below and give him the accolades he deserves.



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28. May 2010 by @Samgichuru
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  1. Indeed this guy is the coolest watchie ever, if KK Security had 10 more like him….business would be booming!! I knew him when he was at Capital Centre, my whole family knows him…his enthusiasm is energizing. MT.

  2. Never met him but would so want to meet him.

  3. Sammy, I promise you when you do, you will not forget him ever.

  4. I will make a point of tafutaing this dude……I need my mindset on watchies to be changed and he may just be their savior!!!!!!

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  6. waoo seems he likes what he do and do it at his level best God bless him and his favor be upon him.

  7. Harrison, the other day, he looked saluted, and said ” God bless the works of your hands and all that you plan on doing” , gave that big smile and walked away… I went picked the camera.. and started blogging about him

  8. This guy should be our role model at our work places!!Would you imagine how jobo would be with everyone wearing this guy’s attitude??Apart from the saluting your boss bit…??? Everyone enthusiastic about their deliverables,everyone striving to meet deadlines,no one carrying another’s monkey,a boss with a wide smile wishing you a good day with the day’s fulfilment?? Whow!!

  9. I am hoping that this blog gets to KK Security Firm, its time we see a company appreciate its worker :) blog about it, share on facebook … let his fire burn, I am sure each day he encourages someone… we can give back the same way

  10. I know James. He is very kind and respectful. Some watchies I’ve met have inferiority complex problems. kama one from chancery who is well built. alikua ananihanda daily manze!

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