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ShareFor sometime now, I have watched a few people trash the local tech ecosystem. Before I continue, I know I will have sparked some fires and stepped on a toe or two by the time many of you are done reading this article; I am open to alternative views. From tweets to online conversations, I […]

ShareToday the project Mzalendo gets a relaunch at the Ihub, is a great initiative whos mission is stated as “to keep an eye on the Kenyan paliament”, the project co-founded by Conrad and Ory, is seeking to promote a greater public participation in politics, its funded by the Omidyar network. You want to know […]

ShareA few of my friends have submited my name for nominations to this Innovation board, well I think I might need like a thousand nominations to qualify, so If you think I am suitable to sit on Safricoms Innovation Board, the process is simple, they only need , the name , email address, phone number […]

What is Uchaguzi, (Swahili word for “choose”) this is a modified platform of the the ushahidi software, mmmmh… complicated? Ok, Ushahidi (Swahili word for ” testimony”) is a software developed after the 2008 post election violence that rocked Kenya by a team lead by Eric Hersman.

What does the software do? “it provides a web and mo

ShareHave you ever wondered how much a website would cost you? you are not alone, this answer is very elusive, its very hard to come up with a budget for your website, and its also twice as difficult for any web developer to give you an answer on the fly,  yet like any other purchase […]

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