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Before Anybody Convinces You That NGOs Are Messing Up The Tech Ecosystem

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ShareFor sometime now, I have watched a few people trash the local tech ecosystem. Before I continue, I know I will have sparked some fires and stepped on a toe or two by the time many of you are done reading this article; I am open to alternative views. From tweets to online conversations, I have noticed some worrying trends that would make any investor hesitant.  Reading comments from two investors who have stepped into the (Kenyan) market in the last 2 years:Nikolai of (88mph),whose sentiments can be read on…read more


Mzalendo Launch at the Ihub

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ShareToday the project Mzalendo gets a relaunch at the Ihub, is a great initiative whos mission is stated as “to keep an eye on the Kenyan paliament”, the project co-founded by Conrad and Ory, is seeking to promote a greater public participation in politics, its funded by the Omidyar network. You want to know about your paliamentarian, this is the site to visit, you will find current political positions, job history, their level of education, and most impressive is the scorecard, that allows you to rate and review the…read more


Safaricom Innovation Board – Nominations

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ShareA few of my friends have submited my name for nominations to this Innovation board, well I think I might need like a thousand nominations to qualify, so If you think I am suitable to sit on Safricoms Innovation Board, the process is simple, they only need , the name , email address, phone number and reason you think that person needs to be on that board.

1 , Good use of Technology

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What is Uchaguzi, (Swahili word for “choose”) this is a modified platform of the the ushahidi software, mmmmh… complicated? Ok, Ushahidi (Swahili word for ” testimony”) is a software developed after the 2008 post election violence that rocked Kenya by a team lead by Eric Hersman.

What does the software do? “it provides a web and mo


How much is it for a website?

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ShareHave you ever wondered how much a website would cost you? you are not alone, this answer is very elusive, its very hard to come up with a budget for your website, and its also twice as difficult for any web developer to give you an answer on the fly,  yet like any other purchase it’s the most important question, so how do we arrive at a cost for a website? Web design cost vary between US$ 500 – US$ 15,000 (Kshs 40K – 1M), why? because of the different…read more