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Share So tomorrow this 2 hour play will premier at the Michael Joseph Center, Safaricom… a few reflections… Writing a play is harder than I imagined, I have watched so many movies and I will think twice before I critique a nigerian movie again. It’s so hard to build a story line, add dialogue, add […]

ShareAll these events happened in a single day in 2013… but started a few years ago. A few years ago.. I went to my first stag party, I have always been the curious kind and if you have read anything else I have written you know that already, I had barely sat down when a young […]

ShareWhile I have to answer a lot of questions about how to build startups, lately I have other concerns, one of them is how to help young men become competitive in a society that seems to pay a lot more attention to women / the girl child. After incubating a good number of young entrepreneurs  mostly […]

Share I never had more than one pair of shoes most of my life, I would walk into a Bata shop, buy a new pair, then discard the old pair in the same shop, it was too old to even give out to any of my cousins anyway. I never knew the problems that come with […]

ShareThe Lord is my programmer, I shall not crash. He installed His software on the hard disk of my heart. All of His commands are user friendly. His directory guides me to the right choices for His name’s sake. Even though I scroll through the problems of life, I will fear no bugs, for He […]

ShareDid you really make a mistake? I hear and know of people praying day and night to get children. On the other hand, I see girls who had sex once and got pregnant…. so, I conclude, either God has a cruel sense of humor or He knows exactly what He is doing. I will go […]

ShareIn my early 20′s I was extra “spiritual” and had some extra spiritual friends who are still very good friends today, this particular lady from Western Kenya was serious and very deep kind, one day she had a dream that I would marry a girl called ….. Philomena… that sort of evokes a certain image […]

Share In which battle did napoleon die ? – Answer: his last battle Where was the declaration of independent signed – Answer: at the bottom River Ravi flows in which State- Answer: liquid What is the main reason for divorce – Answer: marriage What is the main reason for failure – Answer: exams What can you  never […]

Share Apparently the Silicon Valley is not in San Francisco, well not exactly… ok… so you are thinking, kwani you dint check online… of course I did, but this is not like figuring out where the General Direction of Ongata Rongai is from Nairobi… but the fun has just began 15th May 2011. Hotel, Motel […]

Hi Colleagues,

I don’t know how true this is but just take precaution. Please don’t attend to any calls from the following numbers:

* 7888308001 *
* 9316048121 *
* 9876266211 *
* 9888854137 *
* 9876715587 *

These numbers come in red colors. U may get brain hemorrhage due to high frequency. 27 persons died just receiving the calls watch the DD news to confirm. Please inform all your relatives and friends soon it’s urgent.

ShareJapans bid to the worldcup is making sure you can watch it on your stadium at home, Rather than just promising a fantastic tournament in Japan, they are also offering to show each match as holographic broadcasts in all 208 FIFA member nations. What this means is, instead of turning on your TV to watch […]

Ochieng Kakono was the biggest and ugliest chokora in Dandora. We called him “kakono” since his right “mkono” or hand in English, was feeble, thin and paralyzed, but he could still swing the “kakono” and throw a stone with pin-point accuracy a few meters out, thus hitting his target.

This has me in tears…too funny…. especially the last 4 guys, Roger Milla was not thinking about that last guy when he started this.. must watch

The Kiambu Town Clerk:
Wanyuanji wa thigara washunge sana . Unyuanji wa thigara bere ya watu
hata huko ije umefigwa marufuku na kaju kuanjia reo.

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