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1. Traveling – I love traveling, I try and do some travel blog but it can be challenging, Click on the Travel & Adventure above to see a bit of that.

2. Innovative New ideas – I am always excited about ideas that are changing Africa and the world, building Nailab has been my passion for the last couple of years.

3. Others – Reflecting, Reading & “independent” learning, Movies & meeting new people. Basically, if you see me.. feel free to say hi and introduce yourself .


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  1. Sam,
    This looks totally awesome!I honestly think you know what you are talking about. Out of your passion, you have become an authority on blogging. Congratulations.
    Today is my first time on your site and I have left here with a gem. I only thought it fair to deposit my comment as a way of showing gratitude.

  2. Winfred, Thank you for your kind comments, I have learned a big lesson when blogging, always leave a comment especially if you like what you see, and people will respond to you as well, many times I have read great articles and even “plagiarized” some of them and never gave credit, big mistake.. the law of give and you shall receive works all over.

  3. I have nominated you because I have learnt so much from you! Being in the corporate world I need to stay switched on! You have so much you can contribute the Safaricom’s Innovation board because you have a passion for technology and are up to the challenge. Rgds, Nduta

  4. i would like to nominate you. how do i do this

  5. I always listen to you at Hope fm on tech-tuesday and i have learnt alot from you. Your passion,gift n talent motivates me to pursue my dream. Thank you.

  6. This is great Sam!
    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Ideas Africa is the dream. Nailab is the snapshot, the first meal.Hey, did you hear that the first e-waste factory in East and Central Africa is here? Tea is on me.

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