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Need a Reason to attend Startup Weekend Nairobi?

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Share Ok, you’ve been hearing a lot about Startup Weekend lately…But maybe you aren’t still convinced as to WHY you should come…What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, allow me: Education: Startup Weekends are all about learning. At Startup Weekend Nairobi,   you will get a chance to learn a new skill, programming or business language. Even more cool, your mindset and approach to life and business will change. Enlarged network: Many other likeminded entrepreneurs will be attending this weekend. So it’s a safe bet that you will interact with…read more


Mzalendo Launch at the Ihub

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ShareToday the project Mzalendo gets a relaunch at the Ihub, is a great initiative whos mission is stated as “to keep an eye on the Kenyan paliament”, the project co-founded by Conrad and Ory, is seeking to promote a greater public participation in politics, its funded by the Omidyar network. You want to know about your paliamentarian, this is the site to visit, you will find current political positions, job history, their level of education, and most impressive is the scorecard, that allows you to rate and review the…read more


10 Answers you wish you had

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Share In which battle did napoleon die ? – Answer: his last battle Where was the declaration of independent signed – Answer: at the bottom River Ravi flows in which State- Answer: liquid What is the main reason for divorce – Answer: marriage What is the main reason for failure – Answer: exams What can you  never eat for breakfast – Answer: lunch and dinner What looks like half an apple- Answer: the other half If you throw a red stone into the blue sea, what will it become- Answer: wet How…read more


Day 2: Break out session with RDO, Rwanda, Kigali

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ShareWe held multiple breakout sessions with each organization for the next 3 days in Kigali, each morning routine involved being picked from the Gorillas Hotel and coming back to drop our bags late in the afternoon very exhausted, we covered around 6 organizations and still had a list pending that would have to wait for 2012. The gorillas was a pretty good place to stay and was central to accessing Kigali, it’s actually a walking distance and we discovered this after paying huge amounts of money for cab drives. For…read more


Day 1: Rwanda, Kigali : Using Social Media in development space

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ShareAt the end of 2011 we did a trip to Rwanda and Burundi , our trip was sponsored by Oxfam Novib, and we were to meet all the Oxfam partners and discuss their work and adaptation to ICT to enhance their service delivery. First stop: Kigali, meeting with Oxfam partners, including RDO, Accord Rwanda, and about 10 other organist ions in a group meeting to discuss issues of ICT, some of the topics covered where Where we are as Organisations working in the development space in east Africa Use of…read more