Sam Gichuru

Social Media and Development Organisations

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ShareHad a great meeting meeting with RDO today, at their office in Kigali, discussing how to plan a 2012 strategy on use of ICT in the development space. This blog will be added much later today, Watch this space


Looking for the “flying Dutchman”

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ShareThis is more of a diary than my usual blog, covers the fun part I get to have while doing my work – lots of thanks to 1% Club, Akvo, Accenture and the people I bump into on my trips. Stay: As usual I have this big sabbaticals from blogging, well.. I hope am back, this time am in Amsterdam, tempted to go to Paris, but will see, but for now I have this awesome apartment organised by an amazing lady called Nguyen facing a canal inĀ AmsterdamĀ . (For you Kenyans…read more