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imagine turning your facebook, google+ or twitter into a complete virtual hang out, dont get lost on the word “virtual” just finish this article, and you will be blown away.

Share  Kenyans 4 Kenya is the kind of thing we want to be remember for as a country, not our 2008 post election violence but a people who forgot their difference and come together to save ourselves, in the past I wrote that we need to get more soft power, it’s not achieved by being […]

a great honor to Host the Vice President of Kenya at the Nailab, the Vice president will be visiting the Nailab early evening for a 2 hour session with top bloggers and Tweeps in Kenya.

Sam Gichuru

Works at the Nailab and a bunch of other startups, loves new ideas...


  • Risper: Woooooord! Retweeting and sending bloody images of terrorism victims is just inhumane. We dishonor t [...]
  • Rehema: Hi Sam, Can I just say I absolutely love Tech Tuesdays! and thanks to you I am a bit more informed [...]
  • Arnet wanjiru njuguna: How often do this weekends occure? I would lyk to attend one with my friends. How do u broadcast it [...]
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  • Joseph Ngugi: I always listen to you at Hope fm on tech-tuesday and i have learnt alot from you. Your passion,gift [...]