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Share  San Francisco is warmer this morning, the weather is great for a walk and am excited to go meet an old friend,  I am going to meet my man Marlon Parker,… No I should write a special blog about Marlon parker but that is as soon as I visit Rlabs in South Africa. Our […]

ShareAt Stanford I was hosted by probably the first Kenyan from Northern Kenyan to get a Scholarship to Stanford, Jisas Lema is a very humble young man who spent a few hours showing me around campus and giving me a heads up about Stanford,  if you are reading this and you have a kid interested in computer science, I would suggest […]

Share Day 4 was full of activity, after I left Google, I was picked up by my good friend Mark and we headed to 320 pioneer way to chance and see the Y combinator offices and in my heart I prayed to meet Paul Graham. 45 min- 1 hour later, I had enjoyed a very […]

Share So I kept hearing, Sam Gichuru is coming to Google MTV and I never understood what that was all about, last I checked MTV was a music program or something about houses…  My visit to Google was going to be exciting and as you can tell if you have been following I had to […]

ShareComing soon  :)   Sorry but you will have to jump this for a later day – Click here for day 4

Share The first time I heard of sales force was a couple of years ago, I was disappointed, the application was so amazing but I could not download it, cloud computing was confusing to African Techs back then, actually let’s just say I was disappointed I could not pirate it, (yes, I know, you have […]

Share Apparently the Silicon Valley is not in San Francisco, well not exactly… ok… so you are thinking, kwani you dint check online… of course I did, but this is not like figuring out where the General Direction of Ongata Rongai is from Nairobi… but the fun has just began 15th May 2011. Hotel, Motel […]

Share So am here setting this blog to go on-line on 14th May 2011 , so if you are reading this blog then I never got to pull it down and this particular dream did come to pass – now that is cool, first think, then dream , then talk about it, then act on it, then […]

The Nailab was inspired by Y Combinator and Hackfwd and is the first incubator in East Africa that is not a space for rental but a space for turning smart ideas into profitable ventures,

Sam Gichuru

Works at the Nailab and a bunch of other startups, loves new ideas...


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