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Share Do you have many great ideas but cant implement, I do, lack of a proper plan and issues like mis-communications , lethargy, budgets , people around me, etc can stop me from achieving my objective, but  I am in luck, Marten Schoonman a projects management guru will be moderating a 2 day exclusive Project Management Training Session […]

ShareA few of my friends have submited my name for nominations to this Innovation board, well I think I might need like a thousand nominations to qualify, so If you think I am suitable to sit on Safricoms Innovation Board, the process is simple, they only need , the name , email address, phone number […]

What is Uchaguzi, (Swahili word for “choose”) this is a modified platform of the the ushahidi software, mmmmh… complicated? Ok, Ushahidi (Swahili word for ” testimony”) is a software developed after the 2008 post election violence that rocked Kenya by a team lead by Eric Hersman.

What does the software do? “it provides a web and mo

A dummy approach to Twitter

Have your objectives ready when you are opening a twitter account, for fun? for business? for entertainment.. etc
Use the 3E rule, Engage, Entertain and Enlighten, people are on social media for that reason and hence work with it.

Remember the objective of twitter is to create a big following, and be able to present valuable information to the people following you, if working from a business angle then the idea is to be able to give those updates and information on products that they need.

Sam Gichuru

Works at the Nailab and a bunch of other startups, loves new ideas...


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