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20 Crazy Football Celebrations

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This has me in tears…too funny…. especially the last 4 guys, Roger Milla was not thinking about that last guy when he started this.. must watch


Kenya Sim Card Registration (CCK)

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Today the government announced an initiative to register all sim cards in an effort to curb cyber crime, this is nothing new. Kenya is the second country in the east Africa after Tanzania, and others within the African region are, South Africa, Cameron, Ghana and Nigeria.


Very Funny – Only in Kenya

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The Kiambu Town Clerk:
Wanyuanji wa thigara washunge sana . Unyuanji wa thigara bere ya watu
hata huko ije umefigwa marufuku na kaju kuanjia reo.


5 rules of attraction online

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Don’t forget every post, tweet, blog comment you leave is part of your personal brand , make it consistent and powerful enough to help you achieve your ultimate goals, Let me know if this tips work for your business and personal brand.