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NAILABS Strategy Presentation

I have found myself being very passionate about incubating SME’s despite the challenges they face in the country and Nailab are a step ahead in this venture,they have formed an incubation platform that gives assistance to young entrepreneurs they get a chance to concentrate on the core items like building business structure’s around their innovations without the need of a high initial capital, this is a great team to work with, great ideas -one of their very successful is the, Continue reading

31. May 2010 by @Samgichuru
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James Orengo, Coolest Watchie Ever!

Share Ok!!!! We complain about watchies all the time…. well here is one you cant complain about. His name is James Orengo! yes, you better believe that! he gives this profession a new meaning. He was at Capital Center , … Continue reading

28. May 2010 by @Samgichuru
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How much is it for a website?

ShareHave you ever wondered how much a website would cost you? you are not alone, this answer is very elusive, its very hard to come up with a budget for your website, and its also twice as difficult for any … Continue reading

24. May 2010 by @Samgichuru
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New Look Vs Old Look

ShareI have changed the look of the blog, I could not help liking the new theme which is designed by Design Disease, yes I liked their name as well, and they are infected with very good designs I have to … Continue reading

24. May 2010 by @Samgichuru
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Hey, Our Website on Ipad

ShareYes,  it felt like a big Iphone, have to admit it’s a very nifty tool, will explore it further but if you have had any experiences with it, share with us

21. May 2010 by @Samgichuru
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